Federal and local utility incentives for solar are better than ever. Residential and commercial systems will see significant tax benefits and cash rebates that will offset much of the cost of the installation, up to 50% off the purchase price. Residential Incentives:

• LPEA will purchase your energy credits in 2012 at a rate of 40 cents per watt up to $4,000 for a 10kW system.

• The federal government provides a 30% tax credit on the price of the system, helping you in April.

Commercial Incentives
If you want to stabilize your operating costs and increase cashflow in your business, a solar installation may be the creative solution you need. In addition to $4,000 cash back from LPEA and a 30% commercial federal tax credit, you can depreciate the rest of the cost of your installation over five years using the Modified accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS). Call us for a free assessment and proposal today - we can come up with a solution to help your business build a valuable asset by owning its energy.

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