Project Details

  • PV system size: 12.25 kW
  • Solar PV modules: 48 Schuco Panels
  • Total savings: $25,750
  • Annual electricity production: 23,687 kWh/year
  • Annual CO2 emissions reduced: 19.42 lbs/year
  • Equivalent reduction in vehicle miles driven: 1,059,450 miles/year
  • Equivalent number of trees planted: 147 acres of trees


Durango SolarWorks did a remarkable job installing our 12.24KW PV system, as well as our solar thermal panels. He worked with us to find terrific panels, did a fantastic job of asthetically and optimally locating and installing the 4 pedestal arrays, and explained everything in very understandable terms as we went through the process. The system is so cool and works beyond our expectations. Derek and his staff were indispensible to help us navigate the federal, state and local rebate/tax credit maze so we could obtain financial incentives that made the construction of the system possible. On top of everything else, Derek is a great guy to work with! Thanks for making our meter spin backwards, Derek!