Residential Solar

Photovoltaic solar systems use sunlight to generate electricity using top-of-the-line solar technology available on the market today. Homeowners can save money and be energy independent by going solar. SolarWorks can help you generate onsite electricity to save money and to qualify for tax incentives. With net metering, any extra electricity you generate feeds onto the utility grid and spins your meter backwards saving you money from the moment you flip the switch.

Looking for financing? We can help. SolarWorks is a RENU Certified contractor offering Colorado homeowners low-interest financing in partnership with the Colorado Energy Office and Elevations Credit Union. The process is easy and we’ll guide you through it.

Clean Electricity

Solar PV panels generate clean electricity without using fossil fuels and can even contribute energy to the grid.

Sunshine = Energy

Because Colorado is one of the sunniest states in America, PV solar panels are a great choice for your home or business.

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