Project Details

  • PV system size: 15.4 kW
  • Solar PV modules: SolarWorld 280 Watt
  • Annual savings: $3,025
  • Annual electricity production: 23,325 kWh
  • Annual CO2 emissions reduced: 18.2 tons


Solarworks installed a 16 kw solar system for our house in Durango, Colorado.   Derek, the owner of SolarWorks, from the bid process, design process, and through the final install and approval from the LPEA, was very professional, true to the point, and was extremely informative with the entire process.  His crew at our home was knowledgeable and got right to it, when they installed our system.  Looks great!! Works great!!   We enjoy our monthly electric bill of $21 which is $20 service fee, and $1 in tax.  Forgot to mention that we also get an annual check from LPEA for around $2500 for power sold back to LPEA.   One of the best investments that we have ever made. Hats off to  Derek and his whole crew!!